International flights to and from the country where the expeditions begin are not included or provided as part of the package. Expedition riders are encouraged to look at additional sightseeing or travel opportunities after the trip is complete. Domestic flights in country as part of the tour itinerary ARE included as part of the expedition price. 

How can I pay the balance?

Motorcycle Sherpa will collect the balance prior to the trip through Paypal or Credit Card. Alternate arrangements such as personal check can be made at customer's requests.


How much riding experience do I need?

See the "Visas" page for links and info about travel visas.

What are some of the day-to-day expenses?

All meals, fuel, and nightly sleeping accommodations are covered in the expedition price (alcohol is not included.) Most riders spend less than $500 USD on souvenirs and personal purchases over the course of 10-14 days. Hotel accommodations are double-rooms. If a private room is required, please make us aware before the tour as these are provided at an additional cost. Hotels will frequently offer inexpensive laundry services.  Electronic device charging is often but not always available. Be prepared with a small battery pack or take this opportunity to unplug entirely. Service and internet access are unpredictable in the rural areas. 


You must provide proof of travel insurance before arrival. Insurance must cover using a motorcycle of 500cc and off road riding. Both World Nomads and Travel Insured International have motorcycle friendly policies.