MOTORCYCLE SHERPA is proud to finally fully release our short film:
"The Himalayas  - Climbing Mountains with Motorcycles"


We finished this epic look at our work in the Himalayas just as COVID took the world by storm. We certainly could not give it the promotion it deserved, with international travel upside down, so to celebrate our restart this November and with a full slate of trips in 2023, we are finally releasing this film with a world wide online watch party! Narrated by produced by founder Bear Haughton, this film is from the heart and gives a passionate view of world travel and the importance of living in the now.

Please spread the word, ORGANIZE A WATCH PARTY!

We hope that you plan a watch party with your near and dear friends and get inspired!


1. Invite your guests. (People you want to convince to go on a Motorcycle Adventure) While you can reach out to your guests in person, by phone or by email to invite them, using an online RSVP app can be a good idea. This allows you to send out all of your invitations at once and keeps track of who’ll be attending, as well as who won’t, so you know how many guests to expect.

2. Prepare the food ahead of time. Spare yourself the hassle of having to cook during the party by preparing the food ahead of time or asking everybody to contribute to a potluck. If you choose to make the food yourself, a buffet with finger foods is always a good idea since it allows people to eat little bites throughout the party. 

3. Test your video and audio equipment. Make sure it’s working properly and that your TV will be visible to everyone in the room.

4. GET STOKED MAKE A PLAN! It's a 15 minute short film and the idea is afterward the group hangs out to talk about taking a trip! Whether that's as simple as out of state camping trip with friends or a cross a mountain range with us does not matter. Sure we want you to join us but mainly we want to inspire people to travel while we still can! 

"I've long loathed the term bucket list, it affirms a notion of a deferred life plan...
Waiting until retirement to do a list of awesome dreams you have now?
-Bear Haughton



Special thanks to our friends and supporters: