Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By signing this agreement by hand or electronically (i.e. by clicking to accept its terms on a booking page), or by booking a Motorcycle Sherpa Expedition, you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions.

I understand that…

  • You participate with Motorcycle Sherpa on the condition that you have looked at the chosen itinerary and satisfied yourself that you are a competent enough rider to handle the expected conditions.
  • Motorcycle Sherpa Expeditions are risky and dangerous and that loss or damage to personal property, injury or even fatality are possible.
  • You are responsible to ensure you hold appropriate licenses, medical insurances, travel insurance and/or any other personal insurance/s that may be deemed appropriate, while on tour with Motorcycle Sherpa 
  • While Motorcycle Sherpa personnel will make every reasonable effort to minimize risks, not all dangers can be foreseen. You accept the fact that, while the tour staff are skilled and experienced, they cannot guarantee my safety as some risks are beyond their control.
  • Motorcycle Sherpa personnel will handle your belongings and although they will treat it with the utmost care and respect, they will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  • You are expected to wear the appropriate safety equipment and follow the laws of the country you are riding in. Helmets are mandatory while waterproof adventure boots, protective gloves and armored jackets are highly recommended.
  • You have a personal responsibility to follow safety guidelines established by tour staff and you will ask for clarification if you do not understand what is expected of you.
  • JURISDICTION – Motorcycle Sherpa USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorcycle Sherpa. Any dispute that may arise between you and Motorcycle Sherpa USA will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the country where Motorcycle Sherpa is registered. Any costs incurred by Motorcycle Sherpa (including lawyer and procurator fees) while reclaiming monies owed by you from this contract, will be payable by you.
  • LEAVING A TOUR MID WAY – You are aware that if you choose not to continue with the tour for any reason, you can discuss this with the Motorcycle Sherpa personnel and that any decision made will be made at their discretion. You can expect Motorcycle Sherpa personnel to value your choice and encourage responsible decision-making. You understand that while every effort will be made by Motorcycle Sherpa personnel to allow you to exit the tour, your choice cannot disadvantage or put other participants at risk.
  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS – Airport transfers by Motorcycle Sherpa representatives will only be done on the first and last days of the tour unless otherwise arranged. If you arrive before the tour start date or leave after the tour finish date then you are responsible to arrange your own transfer to and from the airport.
  • BALANCE PAYABLE – A deposit will be collected at the time of booking with the balance to be paid 8 weeks before the tour start date. If the balance has not been received upon the start of the tour, you will not be allowed to continue with the tour and will forfeit your deposit.
  • DAMAGE – Motorcycle Sherpa requires a US$300 a security deposit before you get on your motorcycle. This is payable in cash upon arrival only.  Any damage to the bikes such as bent levers, pegs, handle bars, broken mirrors etc caused while you are in charge of the bike must be paid for. Motorcycle Sherpa reserves the right to appraise ALL damages and repair costs and bill you accordingly. The security deposit is waived if you take up the optional damage cap cover.
  • MOTORCYCLES – Motorcycle Sherpa provides motorcycles and a support crew including mechanics as part of the tour package. You should only ride the motorcycle each day if you feel comfortable to do so and that the motorcycle is in good working condition to a standard that you are used to. At the end of each day, it is your responsibility to ask the support crew to make any adjustments to the motorcycle that you want. By riding the bike each day, you accept that the motorcycle is in a condition that you are comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with the motorcycle at any time, you must stop riding and ask for a replacement motorcycle. If you do not feel comfortable with the replacement motorcycle offered, you will be offered a seat in the support vehicle until which time Motorcycle Sherpa can provide you with a motorcycle you are comfortable with. Should you cause the motorbike to be retained or embargoed, all costs will be payable by you, including any losses to Motorcycle Sherpa while the motorbike is immobilized. All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, which are against the motorbike, Motorcycle Sherpa or you, and caused by you during your tour, will be payable by you.
  • TIPS – It is customary (although not compulsory) that you tip the Motorcycle Sherpa support crew US$100. This is collected by a representative of your riding group and handed over to the senior mechanic at the end of the adventure. The senior mechanic will distribute evenly between the support crew. It generally equates to a tip of less than US$1.50 per day, per crew member.
  • LAWS – You will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs, or any other matter. You are not allowed to take intoxicating substances (alcohol, cannabis etc) and proceed to ride the motorcycle. Riding while under the influence will void your travel insurance and is illegal.
  • UNFORESEEN EVENTS – Our tours are planned several months in advance to avoid adverse climate conditions and/or any political tensions including border disputes. Changes will be made during the tour if your safety is at risk. As your safety is important and takes priority, if any unforeseeable situations arise beyond our control (i.e. landslides, snow pack, earthquake, glacier movement, road works, civil unrest etc), we will make appropriate changes en-route and detour to continue with the adventure. In the unlikely event that this may happen, it will form part of the tour and may incur additional costs that each adventurer will need to cover at their own expense.
  • VISA – You are responsible for obtaining the correct Visa. Please be aware that there are multiple visa types and that if you apply for the wrong one, then neither the issuing office or Motorcycle Sherpa will reimburse you. There are multiple places on our website that will direct you to the correct visa application page and provide correct information. (eVisa’s are generally NOT accepted)
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE – It is your responsibility to obtain a suitable travel insurance policy covering your personal health, repatriation, medical emergencies, personal belongings and it must cover you for riding motorcycles with no engine capacity limits as a means of transport. It must also provide cover for the country and region you will be travelling in. Travel Insurance is a financial product and thus, Motorcycle Sherpa is not licensed to provide recommendations or advice regarding which policy is suitable for you. Any Travel Insurance companies mentioned on the Motorcycle Sherpa website or in any communication including email and phone conversations with Motorcycle Sherpa officers can not be considered as a recommendation.  In the event you purchase a travel insurance policy that is not suitable for you, you are responsible for any and all expenses you incur, be they known or unknown. You agree to release Motorcycle Sherpa, its officers, employees, guides, agents or representatives from all liability and or loss sustained by you as a result of purchasing a travel insurance policy that is not appropriate.
  • PREPARATION – Bring copies of your passport, travel insurance, visa and International Drivers Permit with you. If you lose your original documents, you can at least present a copy to your embassy or consulate while abroad and have replacement or temporary travel documents issued. You could also email these docs to yourself so you have them on your phone and Motorcycle Sherpa keeps a copy of these documents on file.
  • EMERGENCIES – Check your insurance policy covers such needs as hospitalization or repatriation. Sometimes we ride in remote areas and there will be no mobile signal, no satellite phones, no helicopter recovery service and ambulances may not be available.  You understand that in the event of a medical emergency that Motorcycle Sherpa reserves the right to act on your behalf and seek the appropriate care. That might include but is not limited to, transporting you to the nearest hospital, evacuation, organize domestic flights, notifying next of kin. The next of kin will be asked to send emergency funds to cover your medical expenses. In the event that your next of kin refuses to send emergency funds, it is not Motorcycle Sherpa responsibility to pay for emergency care. In the event that Motorcycle Sherpa, one of its representatives or another rider incurs any expenses on your behalf, you are personally liable to reimburse them before the end date of the tour or as otherwise agreed.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS – You are satisfied that you are sufficiently fit to participate in this tour and agree to notify the tour staff of any changes to your health and fitness, which may occur before and/or during the tour. Should you become ill or injured, you give your consent to the tour staff to provide or arrange for provision of medical treatment and/or rescue services (including repatriation) as they see fit. You agree to pay for any such treatment or medical advice/service irrespective if it is covered by your travel insurance policy or not. In the event that Motorcycle Sherpa or one of its representatives incurs any medical expenses on your behalf, you are personally liable to reimburse them before the end date of the tour or as otherwise agreed.
  • MODEL RELEASE – We’re going to take pictures and video of your adventure. Sometimes you’ll be in those pictures and videos. You give us the right to publish them anywhere including magazines, electronically, social media etc and you aren’t due compensation for appearing in such footage. If you don’t want pictures of yourself published then tell us before hand and it can be arranged.
  • CULTURE – We expect you to treat the support crew, staff, waiters, porters and the local people with the same respect that you wish to be treated with. 


  • Cancellations must be received in writing and emailed to Motorcycle Sherpa.
  • If this is received more than sixty (60) days prior to departure, 100% of your payment will be refunded minus a $50 fee to cover bank charges and currency exchange fluctuations. If received with less than sixty (60) days notice then the deposit is not refundable, however a 100% credit towards a future adventure is possible at our discretion. 
  • There will be no refund if a person/s leaves the adventure en-route for ANY reason. This includes (but is not limited to) such things as…
    • Leaving the tour by choice
    • Being asked to leave the tour by Motorcycle Sherpa for any reason
    • A medical emergency 
    • A situation in your home country that warrants an immediate return
    • The government orders foreign nationals out of the country
  • Deposits are transferable so you are free to find a replacement for your place in the tour and have them pay you the deposit that you paid to Motorcycle Sherpa.


  • In consideration of and as part of the payment for the right to participate in the tour arranged for you by Motorcycle Sherpa, YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WELFARE AND ASSUME ALL OF THE ABOVE RISKS, INCLUDING BOTH THOSE KNOWN AND UNKNOWN TO ME.
  • You waive any and all claims you may now and in the future have against and release from all liability and agree not to sue Motorcycle Sherpa, its officers, employees, guides, agents or representatives for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss sustained by you as a result of your participation in my motorcycle adventure with Motorcycle Sherpa.

Modifications to Terms & Conditions

Motorcycle Sherpa reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. You understand that you will be required to sign a Release and Waiver Form before you can participate in a Motorcycle Sherpa expedition.