These are just a few of the riders I have personally organized trips for and taken through an experience hand crafted be me and my team. -Bear 

Kyle Malinky. - President Lowbrow Customs USA (2019 Nepal -Stairway to Heaven)

This definitely was a trip I will remember the rest of my life, and one of the best motorcycle adventures I have ever done. Bear and his crew took care of me from start to finish, answered all my questions, guided me through trip prep, and navigated us through areas that would be difficult if not impossible to do alone. The lodgings were great and memorable, the food throughout the trip was excellent, and I made friends I still communicate with well after the trip ended.
The trips Bear leads are really something special, not just a boring ride, but a real adventure!

Kacey Elkins, USA (2017 Nepal - Stairway to Heaven)

I went into this trip thinking it would be incredible to see the Himalayas while riding a motorcycle, but it truly surpassed any expectations I had! Every day had some kind of shock and awe! I’d suggest to anyone that enjoys motorcycle and loves life to get with you guys and do a tour. Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy.

Bill Bryant, USA -Biltwell Inc. (2017 India - Eastern Himalayas)

Bear organized our Eastern Himalayas tour. The pace was good, challenging enough, but not enough to really tax the riders. I felt like the crew was there to support us sufficiently but were not baby sitters, or overbearing in any way.

Tyler Malinky, USA - Lowbrow Customs (2017 India - Eastern Himalayas)

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip with Bear. The balance between unfettered freedom to ride and do as we like along with having capable guides and planning to make the trip run smooth was great. I did not feel like part of a tour, it was just an adventure with friends.